Cheap Home Decor – Bring Style to Your Interior Without Spending a Fortune!

Actually, there are many places where you can find cheap home decor – online stores, thrift and dollar stores, garage sales and flea markets… And now, guess where you can get not only cheap home decor, but find it even free of charge? Nothing comes to mind? What about your own home, where you store dozens of unneeded items? They can become great objects for your home decoration! How? There are only three secrets for achieving the look of luxury home decor without spending a lot of money on it:

  • Pick the right decorative items that perfectly match your specific interior and your needs
  • “Adjust them” if you need it (i.e. decorate them, arrange them with other home decor, etc.)
  • Put them in the right place in your home

How about a park near your home? There, you can pick so many things and transform them into beautiful home decor: pinecones, flowers, leaves, grass, small tree branches. Pick some, bring them home, and add them to your existing home decor. You can arrange them together with candles, dry flowers, or colored stones. You can fill a simple glass jar or bottle with small dry flowers or pinecones and use them as a kitchen or bathroom decor.

Here are some examples of really cheap home decor:

  • Old items with a new look: Rearrange furniture in your rooms so that you can renew your home’s appearance.
  • Bring a garden’s freshness to your home: Find a place in your interior for a flowerpot with a green plant or for a vase with an arrangement of dry flowers and grasses.
  • Change the colors-paint your walls: For a more interesting look you can use different colors for different walls. You can also put wallpaper on only some walls.
  • Refresh your old cabinets: You can either paint them or decorate with adhesive drawer liner. You can also add interesting, decorative cabinet knobs instead of your old ones.
  • Renew your chairs and sofa with new slipcovers: You can find many discounted slipcovers in home décor stores and online. Or, instead of a new slipcover, you can decorate your sofa with some colored cushions or with a decorative throw.
  • Add a touch of color to your home interior: Decorative ceramic accessories such as vases, framed tiles, or ceramic wall clocks will enliven your interior.
  • Don’t forget about wall decal: It’s a quick way to decorate a large space, a kid’s room, or to hide any defects on the wall or a crack on your mirror’s surface.

Cheap Decorating Ideas – Refresh Your Interior With Unique Elements

Explore your creative and imaginative skills

There are a lot of cheap decorating ideas around, especially for those who have some do-it-yourself skills. But even if you don’t, you can still decorate your home in a unique way. Just don’t be afraid to learn something new and to do something that you’ve never done before. After all, it can be such a thrilling experience!

So, let’s start.

First, find out what exactly you would like to achieve by decorating your room.

Maybe you want to hide those ugly spots and cracks on the walls? Or to renew old furniture, or to get new window dressing? Maybe you feel like you need to change the entire room’s appearance? When your goal is identified, you will know exactly what to look for.

Now let’s go and look for inspiration…

Sometimes a small thing or event can give you inspiration and lead you in a new direction in your room decoration. It can be a picture, a photo in a home decor magazine that you saw in a store (by the way, you don’t need to by one, just look through it for inspiration). It can even be a walk through a park in your neighborhood. A vacation trip is also an ideal way to get inspired and to return with new ideas about your home decoration. A trip to the sea, for example, could add a nautical theme to your home decor.

And Here Are Some Really Cheap Decorating Ideas

Gather old things you have at home and look through them: maybe you can transform them into decorative home accessories. For example:

* A bottle or a collection of bottles as a unique home décor

Do you have some empty bottles of wine, liquor, or juice with interesting shapes or colors? Arrange them on a shelf as a collection. You can also decorate them by painting them, or twine them with threads.

* Colored buttons collection for a wall decor

Do you have a collection of buttons of different sizes or colors? – With them, you can create an inexpensive piece of wall art. Just arrange them on a piece of fabric as you like, sew them down, then glue this fabric onto a piece of cardboard and frame it.

Variation: instead of framing them, you can create a cute decor on your old cushion with some brightly colored, large buttons.

* A piece of fabric as a beautiful, yet cheap wall decor

Sometimes we are left with one or two pieces of really beautiful fabrics and don’t know how to use them: though they are not that small, their size doesn’t allow for sewing any item from them. So how can we use them? The simplest way is to create an application on a pillow, on a shirt, and etc. But there is also another choice. Do you think you can hang only framed pictures on your walls? No! You can do the same with a piece of fabric. Stretch it on a wooden frame, staple it on and hang it on the wall-it really can be a piece of art!

Fabrics For Home Decorating – Complement The Decor!

Fabrics compliment the decor of a room. The sheer beauty of fabrics can give a facelift to any space. Fabric for home decorating can be used in couch covers, upholstery, slip covers, window treatments, bed coverings, table tops, etc. A fabric less room in a home looks plain and has a cold hard feel. Any room could be transformed into a warm, cozy and inviting place to enjoy with friends and family or just to relax, by the judicious use of fabric for home decorating.

As fabrics for home decorating form an integral part of room decor, it is important to use the fabrics which blend well with other furniture of the room. If you are using a specific decorating design as per the suggestions and advice given to you, then it is very easy to pick the fabrics for home decorating. But without any clue, it is a very frustrating job to choose them and you soon tend to get discouraged. Instead of progressing towards your dream home, you may end up in a nightmare of confusion.

There are a variety of themes for home decorating, each with its own specific style and color for the fabrics for home decorating. If you have selected a theme to guide you in home decorating, the process of choosing the fabric for it becomes smooth. For example, a Tuscan theme would use fabric of woven textures like bur lab, fabrics made of the fiber abaca, tobacco cloth and savannah cloth or fabrics out of the banana tree fibers. Fabrics of Tuscan home decorations are no doubt heavier but they also are very versatile and flexible. The Tuscan theme uses these fabrics for blinds, rugs, slip-covers or for drapes.

If you prefer the Cottage theme, fabrics for home decorating use bright colors and floral patterns. Cottage decorating as far as upholstery and projects using fabric go, point to colourful and bold patterns. Fabrics with printed fruit or vegetables are used in the cottage theme, though more popular is a floral pattern in fabrics of the cottage theme of home decorating.

The Victorian theme of home decorating uses rich fabrics like brocade or velvet in deep colors of burgundy, green or blue. Victorian fabrics for it have a feminine touch and tend to be elaborate. These materials can be used for bedding, slip-covers, curtains, etc. They look excellent if trimmed with ribbons, beads or lace.

Different themes employ different fabrics for home decorating. The above are only a few examples. Your choice should focus on the fabrics that appeal to you. It would also be wise to remember that fabrics can be really expensive; and once you choose and buy a fabric, you could be stuck with it for a long time. Hence it is very important to be absolutely sure that you like it before making the final purchase. These fabrics used in home decorating very often need special care while washing. If you prefer a fabric that is easy to clean, it is important to remember this aspect while choosing the fabric. After all, it is for your home and it is important that the purchase suits your tastes and needs. The choice for fabrics is really vast. But with the help of home decorating catalogues and magazines, websites of internet and the fabric stores in your vicinity, you will find it easy to make a sensible choice for fabrics of home decorating.